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Design features of dust removal filter for asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of special preparation asphalt plant, which has many devices inside, and dust filter is one of them.

In order to meet the requirements of asphalt mixing, what technical characteristics does the dust removal filter have here?

From its internal point of view, the dust filter of the asphalt mixing plant uses a special pulse pleated filter core, which is compact in structure and saves space; and it adopts an integrated structure design, which not only has good sealing performance, but also can be installed more. Convenience, greatly shortening the parking time.

From the perspective of its function, the dust filter has a high filtration efficiency of 0.

For example, the average particle size of a 5 micron powder can be as high as 99.


Not only that, the use of this filter can also save compressed air consumption; the filter cylinder airtight installation will also become more scientific, to meet the actual situation of different users.

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