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What are the main features of mobile asphalt plants?

In order to facilitate modern construction and meet the actual needs of more users, mobile asphalt plants have gradually emerged in the market.

What are the different characteristics of mobile asphalt plants in the modern construction industry compared to the traditional way?

First of all, we can see from its name. One of the highlights of this asphalt mixing plant is that it is more convenient to move. It is mainly designed by modules, which makes the handling of the surface safer and more convenient.

Secondly, the design has also been greatly improved, making the production work easier and more efficient. For example, the mixing blade of the mobile asphalt plant has a unique design, and the very power-driven mixing cylinder enhances the efficiency of the mixing work.

At the same time, it also optimizes the lifting of aggregates and adopts double typesetting to increase the service life of the hoist and make it run more stable and reliable.

Then, a very advanced vibrating screen is used, which not only significantly improves the working efficiency, but also effectively reduces the probability of malfunction of the mobile mixing plant equipment.

In addition, the mobile asphalt plant uses a bag to remove dust and place it on top of the drum, which can reduce heat loss, save space and improve fuel efficiency.

Finally, the optimized design of the mobile asphalt plant also saves the floor space, and also saves the space for the small lane of the finished product, making the operation of the equipment more reliable and stable.

At the same time, the dual-machine automatic control computer/manual control system is added, which can diagnose the fault by itself, which is more convenient and safe for the operator.

Therefore, we can see from the above that the mobile asphalt plant has more advanced performance characteristics and is more in line with the needs of modern production.

And in terms of operation, the mobile asphalt plant is simpler and safer, and can better meet our expected work goals.

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